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“Pen testing” free for 30 days?

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Post by Liza Kurtz In Security on Aug 18, 2020

OK, but you gotta act now

You’ve got logs, you’ve got tools, you’ve got policies—maybe a touch of alert fatigue—to the point where you probably don’t want anymore. But is it enough to stop adversaries (those savvy skulkers formerly known as “hackers”) from taking down your brand?

For many IT and Security teams, the answer is, “we just don’t know”. And so the quest for cyber-serenity gave rise to some new specialized activities like penetration or “pen” testing and Red Team exercises. That’s where companies hire “ethical hackers” or dedicate their own experts to breaking in.

These types of activities expose the stuff threat actors look for that your security tools might miss, like issues with domains, ports, certificates, common misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities. The findings add valuable perspective into risk, but the insight technically gets old as soon as testing ends. A port is left open, a workload moves to a public cloud, certificates expire, people make mistakes—and, bam! You’ve got a new weakness for adversaries to exploit.

So the market evolved even further.

Attack Surface Intelligence adds 24/7 coverage 

The need for ongoing insight created another category called attack surface management (ASM) in which AI-based platforms monitor your digital exposure on a continuous basis. ASM, like pen testing, scopes out external risk exposure, typically assessing brand exposure, domains, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations.

Netenrich recently raised the bar for ASM by introducing Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) combining AI with high-quality prioritization and remediation recommendations from security analysts to make intelligence highly actionable. Part of our Threat & Attack Surface Intelligence suite, ASI also integrates proprietary threat insights from our Knowledge NOW (KNOW) free threat intelligence to speed resolution of digital risk and streamline SecOps.

Great variety exists within pen testing, Red Teams, and ASM. For example, pen tests can be white box, black box, or covert. Without your team being involved, or surprised, in varying degrees. Red Team assessments can be conducted internally and be narrower in scope. They may focus on specific vulnerabilities to achieve specific goals. SaaS-based ASM can be purely (or largely) automated or include high-touch professional service.

While straight-up comparisons between the three approaches get tricky, and ideally you might employ them all. But it’s useful to consider the “pros” and “cons” if budget, staff, and other resources are limited.

attack surface intelligence pen testing table

If cost and continuous coverage rank high among your concerns, ASM offers compelling advantages. And if you haven’t tried it yet, Netenrich is making easy to do so right now. Easy, and FREE!


Sign up now to try Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) from Netenrich free for 30 days to get an attack surface scan and high-touch reporting including prioritization and remediation recommendations. Trials are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis to qualifying enterprises.

You’ll get full access to the ASI portal and custom dashboards and receive expert insight. See the difference affordable continuous coverage makes in preventing breaches today and shrinking your attack surface over time (that’s what we call Resolution Intelligence, but more on that later!).


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