Right-size SOConomics for better outcomes you can measure

Intelligent SOC-as-a-Service: Smarter Ops for Smarter Security

Enterprises spend an average of $18 million per year on cybersecurity, but the majority can’t say how well their investments are working (Ponemon Institute). Intelligent SOC from Netenrich brings Resolution Intelligence to Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to right-size investments and deliver the outcomes your business needs. Resolution Intelligence actually starts with target outcomes – like reducing noise, run costs, skills gaps, and risk itself – and transforms security operations with a mix of machine and human intelligence.

What makes the SOC “intelligent”?

As the global threat landscape intensifies it takes more and better intelligence to spot major attacks, reduce run costs, and achieve better outcomes. Intelligent SOC from Netenrich transforms operations through dramatic noise reduction, more intelligent threat correlation, and faster resolution performed by machines and security analysts.

A more intelligent approach to SOC frees more analysts to focus on high-level SecOps activities like incident response (IR), threat hunting, and predictive analytics. The move to Intelligent SOC overcomes perennial challenges like skills gaps, budget constraints, and the ability to be more proactive, demonstrate value, and avoid breaches that make headlines.


What makes the SOC “intelligent”?

Automate the obvious

Automate the obvious

Automating repetitive tasks like sifting through SIEM alerts and eliminating false positives helps promote resolution within minutes or hours instead of weeks, months, or longer.

The Netenrich platform correlates and prioritizes events to distill the thousands (or millions) of alerts flooding your team each day down to the 2-5 that matter.


Leverage a decade of tribal knowledge

Intelligent SOC operationalizes both human and machine intelligence, as well as threat models, playbooks, historical data, use cases, and a notable addition to the mix, integrated Threat & Attack Surface Intelligence.

Contextual intelligence correlates multiple events and information sources to spot true anomalies and stitch together a clear, actionable picture of what’s going on. For example, linking an aberration in user behavior to actual data exfiltration that might trigger escalation and automated or analyst response.


Leverage a decade of tribal knowledge

See what adversaries see—and act before they do

See what adversaries see—and act before they do

Most SOC activities deliver an inside-out perspective. What’s hitting the network? What IoCs have we detected? Have systems or data been compromised?

The Intelligent SOC adds external perspective for a complete and actionable view of your attack chain. Intelligent SOC-as-a-Service includes regular penetration (pen) testing and Netenrich's Threat & Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) for ongoing assessment of digital brand risk.

Netenrich ASI sizes up your attack surface the way adversaries would, discovering:

  • Domain exposure
  • Brand exposure
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Misconfigurations

Automated discovery is followed by evaluation, prioritization and recommended remediation strategies.


Resolve incidents now, skills gaps and complexity from now on

Survey respondents report that resolving issues within the SOC can take months, even years. Intelligent SOC promotes faster resolution of incidents as well as the issues and inefficiencies that keep causing them.

Netenrich SOC-as-a-Service provides context, prioritization, and managed response on a pay-as-you-grow basis. Directing only critical tickets to the right people at the right time mean fewer escalations and outages today, and fewer alerts and tickets from now on.

Your experts waste fewer cycles dealing with malware and viruses and more time on things like threat hunting, user behavior analysis (UBA), incident response (IR), and resilience.


Resolve incidents now, skills gaps and complexity from now on

Right-size your SOConomics

Right-size your SOConomics

Mid-market enterprises adopt SOC-as-a-Service to gain agility, predictability, and continuity. "Buy vs. build" always comes down to cost and running an efficient SOC costs nearly twice as much as running an inefficient SOC (why do that anyway?).

Rather than build your own, a SaaS-based approach saves capital and reduces challenges around training, integration, rule updates, playbook creation, and physical security. SOC-as-a-Service reduces and makes run costs predictable while helping to demonstrate value, a major hurdle in securing ongoing funding.


Intelligent SOC-as-a-Service

Onboarding to the Netenrich Intelligent SOC platform can occur within hours to deliver results in days. We’ll handle SIEM configuration, build custom rules and manage updates.

Talk to one of our SOC specialists to learn more about how you can consume only the outcomes you need, and scale deployments as you grow.


Intelligent SOC-as-a-Service



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